January 25, 2020

eprints Workflow Configuration

How to configure your EPrints deposit workflow 0:09 Log in as EPrints Administrator 0:10 What are EPrints workflows and where are they used? 0:52 How are they controlled? 1:47 The flow tag: defining stages 2:24 The type and upload stages: simple stages with one or two components 2:45 Finding the stage name in the URL 3:06 The details stage: complex stages 3:29 Structure of a component 3:47 Making fields mandatory: setting the required property 4:02 Conditional fields: showing different fields for different types of item 4:48 Practical example: how to edit the workflow to make a field required 5:56 Multiple fields in one component 7:24 Setting requirements differently for different item types 7:47 Practical example: making a field required for one item type 8:54 Practical example: Removing a field from the workflow