December 14, 2019

Enable RDF/SKOS JSON-LD output for concepts in ISO Geolexica (Ruby)

Geolexica ( is a static-page based terminology database that is developed by Ribose and used by ISO ( and OSGeo (

We are now seeking (paid) contributors for the following goals:

1. Model the current “concept” data model into SKOS and a JSON-LD format. The Geolexica concept data model is based on the ISO term model (

2From Disposal Process See Figure A-9. Enhance the Geolexica backend (based on Ruby/Jekyll) so that it creates SKOS JSON-LD output. Currently it produces proprietary JSON output (e.g.

You are required to have the following skill set:

1. Familiarity with Ruby.
2. Expertise in RDF and SKOS.
3. Positive attitude and team player.