September 2, 2019

WissKI General Basic Forms

The Pathbuilder templates offered here should enable a basic, uniform documentation of collections of university collections in WissKI . They come from the form set developed by the pilot study WissKI @ Collections of the FAU and are continuously being developed further.


The pathbuilder templates are hereby intended to be a basic and uniform documentation of the holdings of university collections in WissKI . WISSKI @ collections and are continuously further developed. They originate from the form developed by the FAU pilot study. 



Deprecated 170928 (Martin Scholz):

  • Initial publication of the revised paths and groups
  • The paths and groups are split up into several files. Thus, you can easily import them into different pathbuilders. Note that there are cross references between forms and files. The dependency chain is currently:
    • Authority data, Dates & Times, Meassurements, Places & Locations, People & Institutions, Collection objects


180828 (Sarah Wagner)

  • reorganization of all paths and groups: acculumation of the separate files (authority data, time data (Dates & Times), …) in one pathbuilder-template-file
    • common_mask_20180829T101143 (accumulated templates 170928 and extensions like material, classification, …)
    • pb_wisskilinkblock_20180829T101734 (includes all linkblock paths for common_masks_20180829T101143)