September 2, 2019

WissKI Collection-Specific Extensions

The pathbuilder templates listed here contain extensions to the general basic entry screens of all collections that are represented in our project. Each extension comes with a template for the Pathbuilder paths. Please note that these extensions only work in combination with the general entry mask version 180828 .

The Pathbuilder paths and groups are here are extensions of the general basic  for each collection and discipline represented in our project. Each extension comes with a template for the pathbuilder paths. Please notice this thesis only in combination with the basic common forms version180828 .


  • Anatoimic / Pathological Collection
    • Paths: anatomie_sammlungsspezifika_20190703T160346
    • Linkblock Paths: anatomie_wisskilinkblock_2_20190703T160353


  • Graphic Collection (Collection of Prints and Drawings)
    • Paths: graphic_specific_20180829T105951
    • Linkblock Paths: graphic_pb_wisskilinkblock_20180829T105956


  • Medical Collection:
    • Paths: med_sammlungsspezifika_20180829T103604
    • Linkblock Paths: med_pb_wisskilinkblock_20180829T110053


  • Musical Instruments Collection (Collection of Musical Instruments):
    • Paths: musik_sammlungsspezifika_20180829T105317
    • Linkblock-Paths: musik_wisskilinkblock_20180829T105313


  • Paleontological Collection (Paleontological Collection)
    • Paths: palaeo_sammlungsspezifika_20180829T110614
    • Linkblock Paths: palaeo_pb_wisskilinkblock_20180829T110620


  • School History Collection (Collection of School History)
    • Paths: sgs_sammlungsspezifika_20180829T110826
    • Linkblock Paths: sgs_pb_wisskilinkblock_20180829T110831


  • Prehistoric and Early History Collection
    • Paths: ufg_sammlungsspezifika_20180829T111437
    • Linkblock Paths: ufg_wisski_linkblock_20180829T111443