August 1, 2018

Skosmos: BUILDVOC – Thesaurus for the built environment

Building Information Modelling Management (BIMM) is at the forefront of this vocabulary, giving users a reliable source of definitions and concepts.

These terms will be used to promote consistency, efficiency in the built environment. Which will be used for data exchanges, file naming of structured and unstructured data during the lifecycle of buildings.

Health and Safety FileThe health and safety file is defined as a file appropriate to the characteristics of the project, containing relevant health and safety information to be taken into account during any subsequent project. The file is only required for projects involving more than one contractor. Naming Tool Kit for Documents / Drawings under construction design management (CDM) a health and safety file, in which information produced during the development stages, is stored for future works for managing residual risks.

Information contained

  • as built documents→vendors, consultants, client
  • as built drawings → consultants, contractors, suppliers
  • information about products→manufactories

The naming convention tool will aid originators of this information to format the file names in a consistent manner, the outcome is to structure the files for search, and data exchange using a controlled vocabulary with Microsoft excel.

To download the excel file naming tool click here

Source: Skosmos: BUILDVOC – Thesaurus for the built environment