August 29, 2013

Why 3d models work in the build environment

Have came across a concern that was raised on site the other day, Which maybe could have detected before the plumber started his pipe work, but only if the detail of the model includes elements / families such as the WC, mounting brackets, soil stack, bore holes setting out and full mechanical and electrical detail design had been completed in a 3D modeller.

Part of the piece to the puzzle that are missing is that the manufacture of the WC doesn’t have 3D families yet, also the mounting brackets need to be fixed to the precast floor for strength and durability this is not a very complex architectural detail but it has caused many problems onsite. But it does required three consultants mechanical /electrical which in this case is one in the same, the architect and structural engineer to be working on the same design / model at the same time. Which would require collaboration on the part of all the consultants want is the best way of achieving this? Data drops? 3D modelling on a cloud based application?

Some may say this has been done for years using an xref/ external reference in AutoCAD or similar design software, then why do these “defects/ reworking” still occur? Maybe part of the problem is the process? Do design/ build need a lean hard hat on for a while during the re learning of the processes?