Working towards a joined-up approach to BIM | BIM+

A working group of the UK BIM Alliance set up to help make the process of sharing product data simpler and more standardised will publish its first report at Digital Construction Week later this month. We speak to the group’s chair Su Butcher to learn more about the process.

Talk us through a bit of the background and what the group is trying to achieve?

Source: Working towards a joined-up approach to BIM | BIM+

Graph + Linked Data for document retrieval

The following graph, represents a number of months of work combining the following:
-eprints document repository with ontology plugin (to import ‘subjects’ from external sources)
-sparql endpoint for the relationships to be stored in linked rdf format
-linked open graph which gives the ability to navigate the documents by subject, and other relationships
In the following months I will be writing about how you might be able to use link data in your business, this will focused on the construction sector, but the principles are the same.

Link to graph

Linked data LDAC 2018

Great workshops today at the linked data conference in London at LCU, reviewed some outstanding research into how BIM and linked / structure data could be used together, one of my favourites was from Cardiff university looking how structured sparql queries could assist in reviewing building regulations compliance. Which the construction industry needs tools like this to connect “design” to the real world i.e law.