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New document by the KTN: Whole-Life Performance: what does it mean in the building sector?

Whole-life performance is increasingly talked about within the building sector. But what is it and why is it important? A new document titled “Building Whole-Life Performance” has been developed by the Built Environment Knowledge Transfer Network. It provides answers, examples and references for those who are interesting in knowing more about the topic. Building Whole-Life […]

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King's College London – 3D copy of patient's heart

A 3D printed model of a patient’s heart has been used by surgeons to help plan how to fix the heart. Researchers at King’s College London have pioneered a ground-breaking technique whereby a 3D printer working from scans on the patient, creates a physical replica of a patient’s organ. Surgeons can then use the plastic […]

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Building Whole-Life Performance – innovateuk

Resource Efficiency Funding Opportunities Webinar This KTN webinar will look at a number of funding opportunities for the Resource Efficiency Community, also including the upcoming competition for funding “Building whole-life performance”. Programme: 12.00: Introduction to Innovate UK and the Knowledge Transfer Network Steve Fletcher – Head of Sustainability and Resource Efficiency 12.10: Innovate UK Recovering Valuable Materials […]

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Innovate UK: £6M Innovation Funding | BIM Task Group

Innovate UK has published two new business-led competitions to tackle two key challenges affecting the Built Environment; Supply Chain Collaboration and Whole-Life Performance. The competitions will be open to business led consortia. SME’s can attract up to 70% funding and large business can attract up to 50% subject to conditions. Innovate UK: £6M Innovation Funding […]

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£1m Innovate UK contract to help digitise Government construction projects – press release display page – innovateuk

Innovate UK has awarded a £1m contract to RIBA Enterprises to develop a prototype digital tool that is set to transform the procurement of buildings and infrastructure at home and abroad. Free to use, the tool will exploit the standards being made publicly available for Building Information Modelling (BIM).  Regarded as a ‘game-changer’, BIM involves […]

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