First tomato of the season BIM beginnings part 1

Yesterday I saw my first small tomato in the garden, and my 4 year old said ” it was huge” this makes me think of the some of the projects and businesses I have been involved in the last say, 15 years or so that I have tried to streamline the design or construction processes. […]

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Is building information modeling the real deal?

The UK construction industry wants to become a world leader in building information modeling (BIM) after a Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) report in 2008 found that the adoption of the technology is estimated to have already saved UK construction companies and their clients £2bn per annum. Read Full Article here

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Lean thinking and BIM together as last?

Tuesday the 18th of June, I attended the BIM for Beginners at the London BIM hub. It was a great environment for learning about Building Information Modelling and its processes. A question was asked want are some of the barriers in implementing BIM in your organisation? I would like to turn the question on it […]

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BIM Services

The way forward for many business maybe to adopt the new concepts in managing the production of construction information. But how this is done is a matter of opinion, as I am relative new to building information management it could go a number of ways. The question is will clients, builders or facility managers be […]

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