"building information modeling" bim

A prototype of the BIM-based building permit procedure

Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications started analyzing the possibilities for automating the building permit process using BIM-based workflows. The purpose of the project is to find out the technical requirements for implementing a BIM-based process in EHR (Estonian Building Registry), to specify verifiable claim types, to create a Proof of Concept and User Interaction (UX) mock-ups […]

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IJGI | Free Full-Text | An Integrated BIM–GIS Method for Planning of Water Distribution System

An important function of a water distribution system (WDS) is to supply drinking water to each demand point using a pipe network that has minimal impact on the surroundings. To produce a reliable WDS, planning usually requires a significant amount of geo-spatial information. Current planning practices for pipeline systems, which gather geographic information based on […]

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